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Conversation Between matt and HondaBilly
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  1. matt
    07-15-2010 03:14 AM
    Yep - they are still around and decent.
  2. HondaBilly
    07-14-2010 11:50 PM
    Oh noes! There is no one reliable now? That blows. Is Midtown still up and running?
  3. matt
    07-14-2010 11:39 PM
    Doh! That blows man. I don't really have anyone in the city to recommend buying from anymore....
  4. HondaBilly
    07-14-2010 11:30 PM
    I'm going to need a new clutch soon I think. Mine is slowly beginning to slip when I put the pedal down in 2nd gear. Engine will rev a bit before it catches. It's only doing it once in a while, so I figure I should start looking now.
  5. matt
    07-14-2010 11:23 PM
    Nope - no more shop, only events from now. A friend of mine is renting the space now and running a shop called Ragged Edge Racing out of there (Chromedragon). Sup?
  6. HondaBilly
    07-14-2010 11:08 PM
    Hey Matt,
    Are you guys still open? In the same location?


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