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  1. weapon_x
    09-22-2011 03:02 PM
    ok, more dumb questions...

    1) Standard body appearance must be strictly maintained.
    -I will assume this means no flaring of the wheel arches?
    -what about replacing the fenders and front bumper with carbon fibre peices that retain stock dimensions?

    2) Since I have to run a fuel cell, is it ok to cut the trunk floor and build a holding area to lower the fuel cell to stock location?

    3) Do I have to run headlights?
  2. weapon_x
    09-22-2011 04:51 AM
    Already have a dumb question. I was reading the regulations for ST and under Cockpit, rule #3

    3. The following items may also be removed:
    - Headliner, sun visor, carpeting, carpet pad and/or insulation, soundproofing, OEM seats, all trim except the dashboard, heating and air conditioning systems, window winding mechanisms, central locking systems, audio system, and any other systems fitted to the original car solely for the comfort of the driver and/or passengers.

    where it inserts "all trim except the dashboard" and then heating and air conditioning and so on... does this mean just like the dashboard, the following items cannot be removed? Or was that limited to just the OEM dashboard?
  3. weapon_x
    07-24-2011 04:31 AM
    how many event s are left this year. Seems no one can tell if theres 2 or 4?
  4. weapon_x
    07-05-2011 11:04 PM
    how many spots left for monday? Not sure if I can run, but Im trying to get a few more guys out
  5. weapon_x
    06-28-2011 03:52 PM
    one more quick question, and maybe its posted somewhere, but what are the points value for the first 5 spots? looks like 16 for 1st, then 14 for 2nd?
  6. weapon_x
    06-23-2011 05:24 PM
    Hey Matt, what the rules about windowless doors? If they are not the front doors, do they need nets? Im not sure if I will have time to cut the lexan and install it into my rear gutted doors before mondays event. Will they be ok running without glass or lexan? I was thinking of closing them off with heavy duty poly cause it will probably rain monday

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