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  1. Interceptor
    04-05-2014 04:46 AM

    Please call me re: instructing. 403-888-8323.

  2. brockoli
    08-30-2013 09:14 PM
    just pmd you aboutthe spot
  3. Lil_Guard_Dog
    09-05-2012 04:24 AM
    Once I get the last events videos up from TA8, I would be more than honored for you to tear them up and spit them back out to me! Your analysis of track videos I believe has helped me so far, so any more will only help me in the future! I'll start up a new thread once they're posted. Otherwise, if you get bored...I haven't gotten any feedback from my TA7 videos yet! Cheers! Michel!
  4. itewithypaul
  5. rtkerthlave
  6. weapon_x
    04-29-2012 03:54 AM
    I just realised that you responded on your page. you should really leave comments on mine so I get them =P
  7. zhao kan
    04-08-2012 08:38 AM
    zhao kan
    lol, ew to the camaro haha. i dunno, i've been trying to figure out what its worth. i'm into it for about 13500 or something like that. its not worth that obviously. i keep seeing comparable ones just over 10g. i'm not sure if its worth that, but maybe it is. i know noel just bought his fucked bagged one for 7500 that needs a full repaint and a ton of mechanical. i know one of my bro's friends just bought one for 8500 that is like mine, except the paint is screwed on one side, and has no supporting mods.

    the good: the body and paint are good. and its as reliable as a civic mechanically which makes it a miracle FD; thats probably its biggest strength, because it boggles even conroy. it has all the right supporting mods anyone would need to buy to do anything to a fd (power fc with a good tune for stock psi, coils, border intake, crappy gauges). and i had the front end repainted about 1000km ago when i put a oem bumper back on it.

    the bad: the interior isn't mint; so its not going to impress any girls that's for sure. like most fd's, it has some bushings that need to be replaced also, which is annoying, but isn't annoying enough for me to care really since i use it for the track and a fun weekend car. it has a scratch on the door, and a door ding or 2 u'll find if ur looking for them; kinda annoying to me cuz my job is all about spotting damage but pretty minor for a 15+ year old car.

    problems i've had with it to date after owning it for 3+ years: had a coolant line split once right after i bought it. i seized one of my brake calipers replacing my brake pads once, so i just replaced both front ones with oem replacements since they were cheap. mr jdm man that owned it before me sucked hard at wiring his shit into it, so his aftermarket guages and shit have haggard wiring that looks getto. abs was disabled on it when i got it. the problem was the idiots haggard wiring, i guess he spliced a line into it or something, no idea, wiring isn't my strong point. i got it working by reconnecting his wiring, but its disabled again cuz i guess i knocked it loose again working on it (its the wiring on the left front fender well, pretty easy to get at). the proper fix would just be to run a new wire, should be easy, but i dont like wiring and dont like abs so i stopped caring after i figured out nothing more was wrong with the abs then a bad wire. i had a heater line (one going to the heater core) go right before i parked it, so i'll be fixing that when i pull it out of storage. brake pads on the front are done, but i have new hawk blues sitting here for it. that's everything that went wrong with it to date. no gremlins, quirks, or issues. makes proper power, actually makes really good power for a fd running stock boost with one bolt on conroy says.

    other things that are good to know about it: its a type R, so it was the model built for performance with goodies like the dual oil coolers. i bought it private sale in japan, believe it was a one owner car if my memory serves. all mods were done in japan. i changed all major fluids 2 years ago now. used royal purple (would use something else next time imo). spark plugs were just done before i put it away. changed the oil about every 2000km for the hell of it, and it barely uses any. like FDs use oil to run, but of all the FD's i've owned, this thing goes through the least oil. i have a variety of rims and tires for it, so if u dont like orange i have a set of silver rp01s on it now with good winters, or even some other options.

    if you're pretty set on a rwd, FDs are a solid choice, and we can probably work out a deal. i'm pretty open to blowing stuff out right now; too many cars + being broke = would be smart to sell one of my toys i dont really use to much anymore.
  8. weapon_x
    04-08-2012 06:57 AM
    selling of course... I needs me a RWD... dont make me go lease a new Camaro
  9. weapon_x
    04-08-2012 03:41 AM
    now thats a damn fine coincidence!!!! My next question was whether you would be willing to part with the FD? Have you thought of a price?
  10. weapon_x
    04-05-2012 08:57 PM
    Hey mang, I doubt I will have the evo out this season. Do you guys rent out the FC? Would love to run an NA RWD car again

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