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The Race Room 12-22-2014 09:55 PM

Full Motion Race Training Simulators
The RACE ROOM is now open!
The Race Room is a Race Driver Training / Simulator Sales Center, a Corporate Team Building and Private Party Motorsports destination that features 4 Professional Grade Full Motion Racing Simulators.
Do not mistake these simulators with gaming quality or video game arcade simulators. They are professional grade FULL MOTION 3 DOF Racing Simulators with real world race car components.
We feature the following race chassis; 1 stock car, 1 GT and 2 open wheel formula chassis. Components are as follows; formula 1 Force Feed Back steering wheel hubs, real Race Car Steering wheels with fully functioning Carbon Shift Paddles, Push to Talk, fully functioning toggle switches, rotary dials and buttons for on the fly adjustments, 2 and 3 pedal hydraulic brakes assemblies with bias and peddle feel adjustments, race seats specific to each race car chassis (a stock car seat, GT seat and formula seats) along with the correct driver seating positions.
For Race Driver Training and driver review, we run MOTEC i2Pro. ATLAS (McLaren f1 data) and iSpeed data software. If itís in the real world itís here in the simulation. We can tell your brake, steering, throttle, gear inputs, see where youíre strong and see the areas that need to be worked on.
Our web site is not quite done but to see more about The RACE ROOM you can go to our Face Book page through this link;

Also, as a member of NASCC and NASCC affiliate club association / WCMA you will receive a 25% discount on hourly rentals and discounts on groups as well. Attached is our Charge Out Rate sheet with a brief description of the types of programs we offer. If you and a few other race drivers want to come in for some friendly competition we can book time slots in 2 hour and 4 hour blocks. Please note, on your first visit (group or individual) you will required to watch a brief orientation to Racing Simulators in your first Drivers Meeting and just what to do when on the simulator.
We are open through the holiday break, simply call to see if we have a time slot that fits for you and your group.
So we hope to have you come by, see and try the latest in Racing Simulator Technology. Some of the WCMA members have already been by, check with them for a review of the quality of the simulators, the programs and just how beneficial they found racing at The RACE ROOM.
Thanks for your time.
Yours in motorsports,

and please don't forget to bring your race boots and race gloves!

GregC 12-23-2014 05:08 AM

I really like seeing something like this being available to Western Canadian motorsports!

I'm a huge fan of iRacing and browsing through your pictures i'm really admiring the technology that you guys have in place to bring the sim to life. iRacing on it's own on a PC at home is pretty amazing and it's gotta be something else when you put full motion to it with high end peripherals.
I've put iRacing through it's paces before ever doing a competitive racing event and i'm very confident sim racing trainging helped me sort myself out quick when it came to driving a car at the edge of everything!
You guys consider any VR stuff yet? iRacing ports to the Oculus Rift but the resolution of the rift holds it back just a bit, the experience of sitting in the car with full 3D has gotta be on par with what full motion offers.

What tracks do you usually feature for racing events or do you let the customer decide?

Do you ever do any open online sessions that I could join from home to compete with you guys?

The Race Room 12-23-2014 05:06 PM

Hi Greg,

Yes with the components we have selected the immersion quality is very good. We are real world race guys first so we come at immersion a little differently. With respect to VR and Oculus. We use real world race wheels that offer changes while at speed through the buttons and rotary switches so for that reason Oculus does not work as it doesn't allow the driver to see the wheel.

Yes I agree that the immersion iRacing offers has a great deal of benefit. You cant learn to learn new tracks faster than in iRacing, you learn how to make quick, good decisions, we run full data with MOTEC Brake Pressure Transducers so when reviewing your brake data what you are looking at is accurate. Developing muscle memory, reaction times, it's all there. If a race driver is heading to a new track that is mapped, you cant learn it cheaper, the fact that the tracks are surfaced laser scanned, buildings and landscape are exact 3D models of track side is a huge benefit. If its on the track or at the track in the real world, its also in the immersion. With full motion you also feel the grooves that develop on the ovals, its really quite amazing.

With respect to tracks and what we run for customers, if it is a Corporate Team Building or Private function and they don't have race experience we run tracks that don't get boring after they have learned to race well around them but not too difficult that the experience proves frustrating for them. We would never put an inexperienced group or lappers at Laguna Seca, Mosport or Spa. Watkins Glen offers 4 configurations (as you know) and we find that any of them allow fun to be had, challenging, tracks that cars can actually race side by side on, have great elevation changes and don't get boring.

And if you are a track experienced group of race drivers / lappers or Corporate group, run whatever track is available from iRacing. One exception, we don't recommend Oval's to inexperienced Oval drivers / requests. It goes bad fast on an oval with multiple cars, especially if they are pack drafting.

And yes, if you send a friend request to us, we will invite you along when we do host. Always great to have more cars on the grid. We have one huge rule, if you crash, disconnecting is not allowed, we are racing, limp the car back to the pit, reset, get towed but don't quit / disconnect. Our races are 1 hour long. Disconnecting gets you the Black Flag! :)

GregC 12-23-2014 05:23 PM

Awesome to hear.
The hardware technology is awesome to see and the feedback you guys get from it along with telemetry will make a great deal of difference to someone learning to drive their car faster. Telemetry and data analysis have helped me greatly in iRacing and have helped a few local racers hit rediculously fast lap times at places like Laguna Seca!
Zhao and I a while ago where the top 2% or even 1% for fastest laps in an MX-5 at Laguna seca which is incredible knowing how truly difficult that track is to master.

I turned a few laps in a Star Mazda last night using VR at Laguna Seca and the experience is mind blowing and if you guys havn't experienced what kind of a future tech that is I highly recommend it.
A few of us are discussing coming down in the next couple of weeks to experience the full motion sims and have a couple of good competitive races, if I pack up my Oculus DK2 would you guys be interested in trying it out? It brings the feeling of truly sitting in the race car at the sacrifice of long distance viewing (resolution is a little low). Being able to look around a window net or a pillar to see the apex and quickly glance at mirrors with a presence you just can't achieve with 2D monitors is really exciting. Open wheel cars benefit the most from the experience and the ability to nail apex's with incredible precision and have situational awareness thats only been acheivable by actually driving the car itself.
For iRacing would I add Blair Robertshaw or do you have a Corporate name I could add to join races. I'm a very clean driver and decently quick too so if you get some advanced drivers running it could be a challenge.

The Race Room 01-07-2015 07:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hello Motorsport Enthusiasts,

The Race Room has now been in a soft opening mode for the last 4 weeks. While in this operation mode we have had many people through the doors as well as a few focus groups. With the feedback received we have come to learn a few things and with the information we have found that our Group Pricing is pretty much spot on but the individual hourly rates were high.

Our focus group has spoken and we have listened. Please see attached, our revised rate schedules for individuals and group racing.

Also, we will be having an Open House on Saturday January 24th from 10:00AM to 4:00PM and Sunday from 10:00Am to 4:00PM. come on by, we will walk through a brief tour of The Race Room, give you some insight on the components of each simulator and let each of you have a go for 10 minutes in each simulator.

Happy New Year to you all, we wish you a fast, safe racing year with many wins.

Yours in Motorsports,


The Race Room 01-08-2015 06:26 PM

Hello all, please note that if you were making a drive down to the OPEN HOUSE that our time for Saturday has been changed to 10AM to 4PM as a result from a group booking. Sunday time remains unchanged. Hope to see some of you down to The RACE ROOM.

The Race Room 02-05-2015 09:34 PM

Here is a great to link to have a look around the page, it features sim racing and benefits it has to offer. All of which can be had at The Race Room. Enjoy!

aftermath 02-06-2015 05:35 PM

Please send me a message, I will be down for the Calgary WOW show and will come and try for a hour if the times work.

Thanks Al

SputnikRSS 02-06-2015 07:46 PM

I don't think Blair checks this site that often it would probably be best to contact him through the race room website/phone

The Race Room 02-13-2015 03:37 PM

Thanks Roger. Al and I have been in contact and he is booked in for Saturday morning.

Just a thought, if any one else is coming down from Edmonton for the WOW, why don't you stop in and at least have a look, maybe spend an hour in a sim before the show.

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