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islandgambler 01-10-2015 05:50 PM

RoadRace School 2015

I am looking for some help and information on the Race School planned for May 9/10, 2015. Can I use my race car for the school?? I can provide radios/headsets for instructor contact. Problem is that I don't have a suitable street vehicle?? Race car is a Converted PortCity late model with a Chev engine... runs SPO on the coast. There is no practical way to insert a passenger seat without a LOT of cutting and welding... Thanks in advance for all information and advice.... my email = if that is a better contact.... Cheers...

DrivingShift 01-13-2015 02:22 PM

I'm not involved with the school or running it in any way, however when I took it last year they heavily encouraged any Street/Regular car vs. a track car, where possible, due to as in your case, seat restrictions, and/or noise in the car while trying to communicate, etc.

I would guess the same request still stands if you can find any regular street car for the school. I'm fairly sure it must be able to accommodate the instructor in the car (not on radio) as they want to watch your hands and feet in the car, smoothness, bad habits (like resting a hand on the gear shift, which was one of mine :P).

Someone from the school organizers will likely pipe in when they have a chance, just thought I would comment :)


jcm0791 01-13-2015 03:55 PM

Yes, quietness and ... Probably the most important ... Reliability.

The race school is there to build a foundation of good habits to build upon. Be they procedural or performance related you need to be there thinking about what you are doing not wrenching on the car, or worrying about how the car is running. I would even go so far as to suggest that a slower car might be better to learn in, but this could be taken too far.

I took my school in Formula Fords and FF 2000 (now Continentals) before I raced my ex Trans Am GT1 car... This was a very big adjustment but the habits I built and the way I learned to think about driving stayed with me as I came to grips with a car that was 1400 lbs heavier and had 550 more horsepower.

The Radium King 01-13-2015 07:40 PM

last year due to the snow storm quite a few rental cars showed up ...

jcm0791 01-14-2015 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by The Radium King (Post 31103)
last year due to the snow storm quite a few rental cars showed up ...

I wasn't sure how to bring that up .... Insurance is void, enter at your own risk, you are really not allowed to do this under the rental agreement .... blah, blah, blah.

On the other hand, if you borrow a friends car and smack it up you will have to pay and your friend may not talk to you anymore.

Maybe get a long term demo from a dealership .... JK

Chrisw 01-14-2015 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by The Radium King (Post 31103)
last year due to the snow storm quite a few rental cars showed up ...

I PM'd him but I did this last year and it was honestly the best Car orientated decision I have made in years. I really got to enjoy the school the way it was meant to be. At medium pace in a car that I didn't have to worry about one but. The insurance thing is an issue I guess... But everyone was going so slow last year there was not a single time I was the slightest bit stressed.

And I rented a fiesta.. If someone smacks me in that thing... i can buy a whole new car for 14000... can't build by nissan again for that.

islandgambler 10-02-2016 01:17 AM

Hi Guys.... back again and looking to get going for 2017. Seeing a tube frame car at the 25/26 races got the interest going again. Thank you for your really informative replies on my original post on a school vehicle. I can see the issues with the race car taking away from the learning experience.

I started taking stock of required personal safety equipment and have a question.... the WMCA rules state that a 'FIA standard 8858-2002 or 8858-2010' device must be used. The ASN regs, CACC (BC), CASC(ONT) and the ASN Atlantic region (plus most every other sanction body I can find like SCCA, NASA, ICSCC) say:
a) FHR Devices meeting the following standards are accepted:
i) FIA Standard 8858
ii) SFI Specification 38.1

Is there a reason the SFI spec is left out of the WMCA specs??? Or would the ASN specs overrule and allow the use of an SFI38.1 device??

Thanks in advance....Any and all advice or information welcome!!!

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