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I think the topic of the thread is where our thoughts should be.
1) Build a communications plan, get a simple, clear message together about what road racing is, hell call it circuit racing if it will help people understand better what it is.

2) Build up an event. Make is seem polished and sexy. Talk about the competition, get the word out, do Radio ads.

3) Have a presentation area where we do our photos /awards / promotional efforts. Just co-opt whatever the drag guys have or get our own large banner.

4) Get the press out, have them talk to drivers, consider filming the guys in a class as a group interview, talk up the sport a bit, talk up the competition. Sell them on why you do it and why they should be interested.

5) Have a good website, show the competitor cars, clearly talk about the rules and how each car is classed. Talk about the competition.

6) Promote the drivers. Go here and look: Standard torso shots of all competitors. Each team should have a bio and pictures of the cars. Organize them by class. Make mention of the marque. Help them promote their sponsors

7) Have a news feed, build a sense of rivalry between some of the drivers, catch people up to speed from previous events. Make it seem more dramatic.

That's my $0.02
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