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That's a really good video from Spokane, Roger
Great too see a few familiar faces around Mission, really enjoyed the Sunday we were out.

That kind of video is a great sample, they've used what looks to be 2 or 3 camera's around the track with guys running them so they could pan and zoom through shots. Fixed GoPro cameras (if the # of hands aren't available at an event) would need a few extra cameras to get coverage. Then like was done in that video, mixed with some driver in-car video and light commentary, makes a fun watch

Thankfully these days with much cheaper online/cloud storage services, it greatly simplifies gathering driver videos after the event, or other spectators submitting track-side footage. Rather than the previous method of at the event gathering SD and Flash cards from folks and downloading them to hand back.

Great ideas, I'll continue to do some of my own thinking as well
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