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Default Some Random Cool Ideas for Road Race Events and for Growing the Race Community

Share your positive ideas here! In no particular order!

I recognize that there is already a massive amount of organization and effort needed to put together a regular race weekend and it is highly appreciated by all. They are great events and I'm sure we're all very excited to participate this coming season. Our race workers are truly dedicated and I'm really very impressed by the time and hard work contributed by the race organizers and those people who have to wear multiple hats among the WCMA, NASCC, ARCA, CSCC, Castrol and others that keep it all going. When you consider that some of these same people also organize either Ice Racing, Rallycross, Solo or Rally etc, the ongoing contribution they make is significant and commendable.

It's possible that none of these event-related ideas will be doable in our region for perfectly valid reasons including cost or manpower for example, but some might be possible at some point in the future if they are seen as positive and if the group is so inclined. Some other ideas that happen to get mentioned might be initiatives that have been previously discussed and addressed by organizers/clubs and are now in the works by some of our members, whether we are aware of them or not. Other ideas here will be just for fun because they are interesting to chat about even if not likely to be doable, so they shouldn't be taken too seriously. In any case they should all be positively geared comments. No complaining.

Similarly, ideas towards how to grow our race community (whether racers, workers, spectators, media or social media followers) and how to make the racing more interesting to follow and be a part of, are welcome. Ideas on how to attract additional corporate sponsorship for our group as a whole (not re individual car sponsorship) could be discussed too for example.

I hear a lot of good ideas from fellow racers and others and they don't always get shared on the forum, in group discussions or in club meetings and therefore not heard by the right people. The mobilizers among us can read through this chatter at their leisure and it may spark some new positive initiatives or ideas. This isn't a make work project for moderators either so if there is an already existing busy thread specific to your idea, please use your good judgement whether the comments would be better suited there rather than here. Rules specifics would be a good example.

I'll start things off.
I just saw this announcement for a NASA event:


NASA opens its season at Road Atlanta

The National Auto Sports Association looks to be the first event to take place at Road Atlanta this year. Street cars such as the American Iron, Endurance Challenges and Spec Miata will be in action. The race is set to be held March 14-16 and tickets are as low as $10 (for members only). Fans will be allowed to camp out. Parents can enjoy a day on the track while they drop their kids off at the Teenage Driving School. For more information, including other ticket pricing and start times, call Road Atlanta at 1-800-849-RACE."
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