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Originally Posted by The Radium King View Post
there's a winter road that runs from fort smith (peace point, actually) to fort mcmurray (fort McKay, actually) via fort chipewyan that would make a helluva rally course. really twisty in the national park portion, then opens up in the delta. 600 kms long I think.
Too far away. On top of that, we already are pretty good for rallies in Alberta... we have 3 (including one in Invermere). Not that I'd ever try to stop someone from organizing a rally and would actively encourage it, but most teams are based south of Red Deer, so the distance for a regional event would be significant.

I think the Leduc 1000 seems to be getting a bit of general press, if there is one thing Mike is good at doing, it's press related stuff. If everyone took a bit of their racing dedicated time and focused it on solely promoting the sport, that would add a lot of free exposure that would go a long way IMO.
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