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A question was put to me recently about requirements for club membership at autoslalom events and what it means for the regional series. I'm posting my answer here because the topic can be confusing for newbies and even veterans. Hopefully this sheds some light on how WCMA club events are organized.

The big takeaway regarding club memberships is that most events are open to anyone - clubs will generally charge a premium for non-members to participate, but those non-members are welcome. Members-only events are rare, but do occur from time to time. Many people compete for years without ever taking out a club membership.

Think of the regional series as a "layer" of scoring on top of the regular event scoring. Each WCMA club runs a large number of events each season (usually about 10-12), and typically only one or two of them are designated as being in the regional series. So scoring and competition happen at several levels:

1. The individual event itself. There are winners of the various classes on that specific day and all participants regardless of membership affiliation are competing together. For some people, this is the only level of competition they are interested in and that's OK.

2. Club championships - Most clubs run a season-long championship where points are scored for each event and the championship winners are those with the most points in their class at the end. These club championships are generally only open to members of that club - that's who the series is for, their members. The clubs often have year-end dinners and trophies, paid for from the memberships.

3. Regional championship - This is the series that WCMA organizes. This works much the same as a club championship, but with a few more requirements. In addition to being a member of an affiliated club, competitors must compete in at least 3 events in the series to qualify and since each club runs no more than 2 regional events, members need to participate in events hosted by at least one other club besides their "home" club. That's a main reason for the series - to encourage people to visit other locations and meet with autocrossers outside their local club. The WCMA series provides cash prizes and trophies that are presented at the WCMA annual banquet in October of each year.

Competitors in the regional series must be a member of an affiliated club to qualify which means that one must be a member of one of the WCMA-affiliated clubs to receive points in the WCMA championship. Non-member competitors are of course welcome to come to any event and compete but without a club membership, they will be competing for fame and glory on that one day only and will not be included in the scoring for any championship series. Keep in mind that most annual club memberships are around $50 and pay for themselves in just a few events. If you're keen to compete for season championships and trophies, the way to do that is to join a club.

The current list of WCMA affiliated clubs that run autoslalom events is here:
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