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I am new to the site (first post) and came here precisely for this information (and more).

I can't believe how difficult it is to get straightforward, objective information on getting started in racing. It is almost like a secret society and no one wants to actually help (just perception I am sure). Whenever I ask, I usually get the typical answer that translates into "it's expensive, don't do it". That seems like an odd way to grow a sport.

Anyway, thanks for posting this; very much appreciated.

If you're up for adding more to this thread, I'd appreciate some guidance on selecting a good car for racing (no brand bias please) and guidance for turning a street car into a race car?

I am aware of the old adage of it being cheaper to buy one already prepped but there aren't really a ton of race cars for sale in Alberta so I'd like to build one myself (or at the very least if I had a good understanding of what is proper / good race prep it would be easier to evaluate the quality if I did come across a prepped car for sale).

For the record, money isn't really the biggest issue for me. That said, because this thread is about "getting started" it would make sense to take the most economical approach to each form of racing (because if one doesn't like it, there isn't a lot of money on the table).
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