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Originally Posted by Stuart View Post
My understanding (based on being the current Autoslalom director) is that you would be responsible for arranging dates, creating a budget, publicizing the events, finding volunteers to do registration, timing and flagging, plus being responsible at the events. We have someone who looks after event insurance, all you have to do is provide the dates to him. It can seem like a lot of work but in all reality with the help of a few volunteers it becomes much more manageable. I am not sure what else would be needed for Time Attack but I am sure that some of the experienced competitors can point out things I am missing.
Forgive me, i'm not a process guy at all but I think it would help to break this down a bit. Based on the responsibilties above, it looks like we would need:

- Publicizing events, finding volunteers

- Arranging dates, work with Castrol Raceway management.
- Produce fancy PDF schedule?

- Volunteer based, but some skill required re: timing
- Could recruit primarily on forums

- Didn't see this covered above - how does this part work?
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