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Default More assembly

Oil pan bolted on. I need to find a new oil level sensor or a block off plate for that hole. The old plastic sensor connector broke on removal, but I'm not sure I need or want the computer monitoring oil level. The theme of the car is "completely manual" so I'll see what options are out there.

The camshafts got a new "racing" chain and tensioner pads. They were then reinstalled.

Next up is installing the Speed Force Racing headers which I bought used. They are supposedly some of the best available for these old cars.

The coils I bought are for an Audi R8 and they seem to fit the holes almost perfectly.

A front of the engine service was done replacing all the seals, water pump and new camshaft and balance shaft belts.

The last set of pictures show the valve cover and intake manifold back from Synergy Coatings in Leduc where they were powder coated. The valve cover is installed, but the intake manifold is just test fitted.

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