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Originally Posted by DatsunDave View Post
I can't believe how difficult it is to get straightforward, objective information on getting started in racing. It is almost like a secret society and no one wants to actually help (just perception I am sure). Whenever I ask, I usually get the typical answer that translates into "it's expensive, don't do it". That seems like an odd way to grow a sport.
In my opinion you need to talk to the right people.
Whether the response you got was just your perception or not, whoever you talked to did not convey information across properly.

If we're talking about building a car for road racing. To be honest, to get started you do not require many modifications to a normal street car.
By getting basic modifications like track pads, good tires, roll cage and a bucket seat; you're already well on your way to road racing.

Although I have not road raced, a few friends I know (and helped pit-crew) started road racing with a very basic car with the bare essentials.

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