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Hi Guys.... back again and looking to get going for 2017. Seeing a tube frame car at the 25/26 races got the interest going again. Thank you for your really informative replies on my original post on a school vehicle. I can see the issues with the race car taking away from the learning experience.

I started taking stock of required personal safety equipment and have a question.... the WMCA rules state that a 'FIA standard 8858-2002 or 8858-2010' device must be used. The ASN regs, CACC (BC), CASC(ONT) and the ASN Atlantic region (plus most every other sanction body I can find like SCCA, NASA, ICSCC) say:
a) FHR Devices meeting the following standards are accepted:
i) FIA Standard 8858
ii) SFI Specification 38.1

Is there a reason the SFI spec is left out of the WMCA specs??? Or would the ASN specs overrule and allow the use of an SFI38.1 device??

Thanks in advance....Any and all advice or information welcome!!!
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