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I like it!
Maybe a 5mm spacer for more flush?
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Bit of a winter update. Replaced my front orange indicator lenses with some clear lenses. Also realigned my rear bumper so it sits straight, has been bugging me for years. No pictures of that stuff, sort of boring cosmetic stuff.

Replaced my stock rubber steering rack bushings with some stiffer delrin blue ones:

I also installed a fuel pressure gauge, so that meant reorganizing the gauge layout on the centre console:

I had to lengthen the fuel line going to the rail to account for the sensor fitting (brass fitting with wire coming out of it).

I also upgraded my fuel pump from the stock 944 Turbo unit (blue) to a Bosch 044 pump. For the 044 I ditched the banjo style check valve that comes with the pump and used a -06 Quantum check valve instead, this let me use a free flow AN fitting coming out of the pump.

While I had things apart I replaced the fuel filter/regulator and used better fittings than the black clip on ones. I read the clip on ones may leak, I didn’t have any issues but better safe than sorry.

Also noticed the filter/regulator that came out had a huge dent in it. No idea how I missed that when installing it, I was pretty tired rushing to get it out last spring, but I’m sure I would have noticed that. There’s nothing that could have dented it where it’s mounted, no movement in the mount. It’s possible a stone or marble on the track could have bounced up and hit it (it’s mounted above the half shaft) but seems unlikely.

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