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Old 07-29-2010, 04:20 PM
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Default GrantC's s2k build || Built for auto-x, driven at TimeAttack ||

The Intro
So I'm sure that some of you noticed I was in need of a new car... :'(

The wife and I had already been budgeting for an AP1 s2000 as a second car, since there's two of us and sometimes scheduling doesn't work out for us to be able to attend trackdays/auto-x because of this...

After the demise of Soobie we were hesitant to rush into buying an s2000, as we had seen they were cheaper in the dead of winter and had just failed to "pull the trigger" before people started to think about spring and the prices started to rise again. We were therefore looking for a cheap car that'd be worth autoxing. (ie. E30 BMW, EF Civic Si, etc) We were getting super frustrated with overpriced, or deathtrap cars and manged to find some nicer s2000. And for some reason, the prices were nosing down slightly. (We think people were casting an eye to winter & storing them again... Or their wife was nagging them about the same. )

We test drove some USDM cars that had came in via BC... And they were all overpriced, modded & de-modded (poorly) and possibly crashed...

I *really* wanted a white s2000 with a red/black interior... But they're so rare, and they seem to be a "ricer magnet" as most of the ones I've found have been fairly heavily modded. :-\

This Saturday we headed down to Calgary to look at a "Suzuka Blue" 2002 S2000 (my least favorite colour, but it's growing on me in person... it just doesn't photograph well).

He was just negotiable enough on price, it's stock as can be, and the mileage is surprisingly low!

Welcome to the new project!

It might be named the Smurf, but I'm a little reticent to name it so I'm just referring to it as "The s2k", "The S2000" or "The AP1".

The Plan
Being an auto-xer I'm (of course) starting with the rulebook & where I want to play. I have decided to build it for the STR class, so I can do suspension & wheels/tires but any engine mods are quite restricted & have to be emissions legal.

This is a lot like how I had built Soobie as I feel it's a good balance of modded street car and competitive auto-x car. Also, if I want to do any time attack it's not going to end up in an odd class. :P

Man, this is so weird... When I did my other "project" it was mostly done & I was just documenting it. :P

    • LED map lights
    • Type-R replica knob
    • CG Lock for stock seatbelt (Thanks Nick!)
    • blue Recaro Pole Position NG
    • Modifry redline shift beeper
    • Modifry gopro mount on top of glovebox
    • 17x9" et62 TRmotorsport C3
      • 255/40R17 Falken RT-615K
    • 17x9" et62 TRmotorsport C3 (with one spoke plastidipped orange)
      • 255/40R17 Dunlop Z1 Starspecs -demoted to lapping tires
    • Ohlins Road & Track DFV coilover with off the shelf 10kg/8kg spring rates.
    • Saner Front 1.25" solid sway bar
    • Carbotech XP10/XP8 for TimeAttack, Carbotech AX6 for AutoX (G-LOC R6 for AutoX, R10/R8 for TimeAttack/Lapping)
    • Cheap NAPA Centric brake blanks
    • Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines
    • Hardrace camber adding front lower balljoints
    • Alignment to autox specs.
    • 100% stock engine swap @ approx 100,000km after the original dropped/broke an exhaust valve.
    • K&N FIPK (mostly to make oil changes & accessory-belt changes easier, but also for noise & claimed single digit HP increase)
    • lightweight battery (Done only because the one the previous owner put in was rubbing on the hood!)
    • Hardrace hard rubber Engine, transmission, and diff mounts.
    • Spoon brake/clutch reservoir socks
    • straightpipe axleback, stock resonators
    • Berk technology HFC
    • Engine Oil
      • Rotella T6 5w40 (6k interval)
      • OEM Honda Oil filter 15400-PCX-004 (specific to s2000, different size/bypass pressure)
    • Transmission
      • OEM Honda MTF or Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30
    • Rear diff
      • Amsoil Severe GearŪ 75W-110 or Redline 75w140 GL-5
    • Brake fluid
      • RBF660 or RBF600 brake fluid (stock brakes with agressive pads & no ducting = good fluid) or Wilwood EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid

  • VAFC2, or other STR legal option to lower VTEC & adjust timing/fueling.
  • DEI gold tape on K&N airbox?
  • A second RECARO?
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the neon is my dream race car

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