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Originally Posted by Chrisw View Post

I didn't understand a word of that. It was WAY over my head. I know what a mouse and keyboard are man.

As for the set up. Set small anchor screws into the wall studs behind the stand You'll be good to go, extending it as much as you want.
LOL, basically I took it the same way as tweaking a car for the track...adjust a bunch of laps. adjust something else, run more, and decide if it's better or worse. To the tune of almost 3 months of playing to get the stable head thing working "right" for me.

As for the rift portion. There's a Virtual Reality hardware display called the "Occulus Rift" that's similar to scuba goggles that actually mounts the screen/s to your head to make a proper 3D headset that iRacing is supporting, including full head movement/tracking, which would make it as close to seeming like you're in the cars as possible. They haven't released a full retail version yet, as they're still in development, but you can get the "Dev Kit" which is a pre-release version. I want one as then I don't have to worry about lack of being able to see in iRacing, as if I want to look beside me, or in my mirrors to know if there's someone coming up on me, I can just do what I'd do in real life, and turn my head and look. With a regular monitor, you can't do that, and even with triple monitor setups (Which take a ridicioulous amount of space and money) you still can't get the same immersion as moving your head to look around with, as you wouldn't have the periphial vision of the racing environment.

As for the support for my stand, I thought about actually mounting it to the walls, or supporting it with a brace to the wall, but since I'm in a government funded apartment, they're REALLY strict on a lot of stuff, which is why I went through the hassle of finding an actual floor stand that could extend the TV closer or further away from me with a 28" range instead of just mounting the blasted thing on the wall like I wanted to originally. I still may just do that anyways, although if I snag the above mentioned rift (Virtual Reality headset) I may not have to worry about it, since I won't actually be using any of the normal displays when racing, and I don't need the screen closer to me for anything else. (Only reason I want it closer is to offer a better field of view when racing)
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