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Old 01-05-2014, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by GregC View Post
You'll have to consider what AMD is doing with Mantle as well. AMD is set to release a software solution for DirectX 11 as microsoft really doesn't care to do enough for updating it and AMD feels their solution will utilize the GPU's bandwith and multi core processors way better then DX11 could. Gains are estimated to be up to 25% when it's released.
iRacing functions on DX11 but if you plan on using it for more gaming i'd stick with AMD as the future is looking pretty good for it.

nSurround or whatever garbage Nvidia is using was a pain in the ass to setup if you run triple screens and a desktop monitor. Amd's software seems to remember that you game and use your computer for real world things and doesn't require you to constantly setup and adjust for bezels. This is the main reason I got away from Nvidia and I had a 4gb 600.00 GTX card in my computer only to be let down by their software support.

Newegg has 280x's in stock but goddamn their prices to hell. I"ve watched them increase to a high of 489.00 and then drop to it's current price of $439.00. Looking at the stats of the 280x though it's a powerful 3gb card and my 2 in CF benchmark extremely well! Like 1000.00 GPU performance!
Ya I think I'll keep my eye on memory express and keep track of when they bring their 280's in. their pricing is still around 350$.
in other news I was bored today so I tried overclocking my cpu a bit, I took it from 3.4 stock up to 4.3 pretty easily. I still have to do more research with it and test the stability some more but heat wise it is peaking in the very low 80's with spikes to low/mid 80's at first before the fans are up to speed. not to bad considering those are synthetic loads.
I think it has a lot more room but with only an Evo cooler and my inexperience I don't want to push it to much.
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Old 01-09-2014, 03:29 AM
dieseldakota dieseldakota is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 272

I threw my oculus sec kit for sale on iracing as i haven't used it all that much, a guy just offered me a trade for an evga gtx670 4gb superclocked edition. Good trade or no? I was leaning more towards ATI but if its good trade...
Im gonna do some research on the card now
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