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It looks deadly with those wheels. Wow.
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Looks great!

The miata thought it was us, haha.
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Originally Posted by JustinL View Post
We fixed the alignment too that was inadvertently adjusted by a Miata during the chump race.
Originally Posted by ultimatt View Post

The miata thought it was us, haha.
Ah ha!

You hit them right at pit-out, eh?

Boy they were mad at us, and we were _so_ confused.

"No, we hit you last year, not this year."

"You hit us with your right rear!"

"Then why are there no marks on our car?"
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Originally Posted by ThomasChichak View Post
the neon is my dream race car
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Not quite. They hit us while we were coming onto the track. Our driver was on the left of the pit out line as he should be and followed the edge of the track, nowhere to escape to without going off track. No clue what the Miata was doing chopping our front passenger wheel. It may have been an unsafe release by the mashall, I know there were a few complaints about this from other teams as well.
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