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Default 944 turbo 3L build

I'm jumping on the winter build thread bandwagon with hopes that this won't turn into one of those abandoned projects.

My 944 turbo's 2.5 8v engine is getting mighty close to 300,000km and while it runs fairly well, it leaks all over the place. Everywhere I park it leaves evidence that it was there. I had planned on pulling the engine and doing a straight forward rebuild and reseal, but after building my race engine, I'm a bit more confident to do a bigger build. I found a nice low mileage S2 (3L 16v) engine in BC for a great price, so I'm using that as my starting point. Step 1 is engine tear down and inspection to make sure I have a good block and head to work with. So far I've found some bits of plastic in the sump from the oil level float, which I'm guessing fell apart as I was wiggling the oil pan off.


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