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Default Spec Miata - WCMA Class Rules

We are extremely pleased to announce that Spec Miata has been officially recognized as a new Road Racing car class within the Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA)!! Racing in this new class (and others) will take place this year at the brand new Road Course at Castrol Raceway just west of Nisku, AB and right next to the Edmonton International Airport. Races will also be held at the Road Course in Gimli Manitoba. (Race dates below). You should get one and come out and race with us!! Including Rockyview Motorsports Park and Badlands Motorsport Resort, we could have a total of three new Road courses in Alberta in the next two years!

Rules for the class were submitted to the WCMA for inclusion in the soon to be updated 2013 WCMA Competition Rules. The summary is as follows:

"Spec Miata. This class shall run under the most current Oregon Region SCCA rules, except if the spec tire changes, the previous season's spec tire will remain legal for the following race season." Temporary Rule for 2013 only, "Spec Miata. Competitors may continue to use existing Toyo RA1, Toyo RR, or Toyo R888, in size 205/50 15 for the 2013 season only."

For reference:
· The Oregon Region SCCA rules can be found here: The only variance to the National SCCA Spec Miata rules are the tires chosen for regional use. On page 6 of their rules it states: “Spec Miata Regional (SM): Regional SM entries shall use the SM National tires Hoosier SM6 (dry) and Hoosier H2O (wet). Size for all tires shall be limited to 205/50-R15. SM entries shall otherwise follow all GCR rules pertaining to SM preparation.”

· The most up to date National SCCA General Competition Rules ("GCR") can be found at

· A keyword pdf search for "Spec Miata" in the GCR document will walk you through references to Spec Miata under the "Cars and Equipment" section which starts on page 84. Class specific Spec Miata rules are found in section 9.1.7. which starts on page 657. Additional specs can be found on page 796.

For more information, visit and
(As previously posted, Spec Miata racers can purchase Spec Miata Hoosier Race Tires from Gee & Gee Racing in Leduc, AB for $190/tire (vs $247/ea from Tire Rack)).

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