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Default Anyone try Fasttrack Indoor Karting?

I was driving down 118th, west end, last night and noticed this giant warehouse with "Fasttrack Indoor Karting" on the side of it.

Jumped on their webpage today, looks like they offer 70km/h electric carts, and from the pictures it looks significantly bigger than speeders
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Went once before Christmas, I actually liked it quite a bit. The karts are good, much grippier than speeders and handle better. The brakes are also much stoppier.

The surface is a bit rough, but not terrible. They definitely have more space than speeders, though when I went the track was very open, once the tires were warm you could do almost all the corners flat out. Would've been more fun with slower corners, but it was still tricky enough to be interesting.

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One event at speeders made me realize it was cheaper to just go to a real track in a real car. My god it's so overpriced.
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Pricing at Fast Track is approximately the same. Speeders has expanded to Calgary and Vancouver now, so the pricing model seems to be acceptable for a lot of people, but seems high to me. I've been 3-4 times, but I'd go more if it were less expensive (especially taking the family out).

Alternatively, Impulse SimRacing is fun and reasonably priced...
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I hit up impulse quite often, but I miss the feel of gravity from time to time.
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I used to go-cart indoors, but then...

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