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Default Car game set ups anyone?

Errr... SO this somehow made it into the wrong forum... Maybe a Mod can fix it for me...?

So I ordered this little set-up from Germany this winter. It makes my day every time I rip a couple laps on the nurburgring with this thing via GT5! I have the wheel, stand, pedals, and both a 6 speed shifter as well as a sequential shifter which can be swapped out. It's the Fanatec clubsport GT3RS package...

I assume I can't be the only one with a set-up for GT5... What else is out there?
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Unfortunately I still only use the DS3. Looking at some nice setups to come my way soon though. Looking for a dual set for "Winter Racing" when it's all snowy outside, at least then me, and someone else can plod along on a track at the same time with full controls!

As an aside, if you want any tuning help in GT5, let me know! PSN ID is the same as here!
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I only think this is lame cause I dont have mine yet.
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I have a G27, and a table and a office chair. I plan on doing something once I get the basement cleaned up a bit. I just have to decide if I want to go with a 3 monitor system or a large TV.. I might try and build a 3 monitor setup build into a sim chair and then just mount a TV to the wall. Then make it so the monitors swing or lower out of the way. That way I can play real sim stuff on a computer, then watch movies and play PS3/Xbox on the Tv.
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GT5, really? Get a setup like that and waste it on mediocre console gaming?

This is my setup!

No seriously, I only have this which of course is running iRacing.

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my racing sim
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Originally Posted by GregC View Post
Ok, that is unreal. Your actually running a dash. I feel the need to step up my gaming experience. Maybe I should invest in iRacing as well... :S Seems like better practice then GT5. The problem is getting a PC computer.

Me + PC =
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