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Default NASCC Road Race Course May 25 & 26

We will be offering a competition driving school, to earn a WCMA racing license, at the new Castrol Road Racing Track by Nisku, on May 25 and 26, from 8 to 4:30 each day. Registration is now up and running. Because of the track size we can only accept 30 students to this school, so if you need your race license this season be sure to sign up quickly.

The school cost is $500 plus tax, for $525 total. There will be two days of track time with various exercises, a chance to learn the track lines, braking points, car handling, flagging, and race start procedures. You will have an instructor in the car with you most of the time, and classroom instruction when not out on track.

Your school car does not have to be a race car, it must have two seats and belts for the instructor as well as driver. Pickups and SUV's cannot be used. You will need a race or motorcycle helmet.

Register through our club website, under the registration menu bar or directly through motorsportsreg site at this link: NASCC School
Write if you have any questions.
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