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Old 06-26-2013, 04:36 AM
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Default August 24 Endurance Race Feeler

The NASCC is considering putting together a 5 to 6 hour endurance race for the evening of Saturday, August 24, following the day's Eurasia Cup series races. This is a roll call. We need to know the interest in an event like this, before committing to planning and organizing it, so please write back to

The concept is an endurance race of 5 to 6 hours, with a maximum of 2 hour stints, a minimum of two drivers, a minimum of two stops, and race classes consisting of IT-J class cars, and perhaps a few other classes if there is interest from other car classes. We would probably stop at dusk, so that headlights would not be required. The costs for running the event are fairly high, so we would need fees around $300 per team and $100 per driver with a minimum of 20 entries. We are considering a sliding entry cost that would lower if the entries increased significantly above 20. The event would only run if we had enough entries to make it financially viable, and only if we have the full course at Castrol Raceway. All drivers would need a WCMA license. Those of you with a spare chump car lying around would not have to use your WCMA race car for the event. Of course there would be trophies, and if we have enough registrations there might even be modest prize money, that could even be enough to pay for the jewelry you have to buy your significant other for racing all the time. This will be the weekend of the World of Outlaws on the dirt track, so we might even get a few stray souls as an audience.

Beside drivers we need volunteers interested in seeing this happen.
So ... roll call, please sound off.

Jed Harrison
President, NASCC
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