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Default Chris's Netflix movie reviews

200 M.P.H.
Directed by - Cole S. McKay
Written by Thunder Levin (I shit you not!)

I had intended to write a more in depth and balanced review, however, that would require this movie to have some redeeming quality ... it does not.

Everything about this film is terrible.

The CGI is terrible, the best acting is barely mediocre, the continuity is abysmal ... at one point an FC RX7 becomes an S14 240sx. I guess this follows along with the countless technical errors (unless an FC suddenly became an MX5 overnight and just what is an MX7?) ... the plot utterly fails to make any sense. I would call <spoiler> here but it already spoiled in the Netflix description so I am not too worried about it.

The story is that guy's brother is killed in a street race by the villain, who is not a good guy, but is not responsible for the brother's death (the brother crashes by himself).

The most insulting thing is that someone funded this pile of crap. I guess that the upside is that a bunch of people in the entertainment industry were gainfully employed.

I give it a 1 on any scale you could choose ... but only because I am sure there is something worse out there that I am saving the 0 for.

Chris, watching bad movies so that you don't have to.

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Heck, even the Netflix description was wrong ...there was not one single 280z in the film.
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Whats the film called?
Sean L

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Wangan Midnight - I really enjoy this format of 'guess wtf i'm talking about', kudos Chris!
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this must be the movie 200mph!
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Originally Posted by Zacho View Post
this must be the movie 200mph!
Ding, ding, ding ... Zacho wins! It was indeed 200MPH.

Oops! I intended to put the name in the thread title initially ... Evidently I changed my mind (or my mind changed itself)

You know, I CAN understand the idea of making I movie on a budget for a niche market. You spend a few million, have a diverse cast, and hope the every tuner car guy drags someone with them to see it and maybe buys the DVD. You spend 5M shooting, promoting and distributing, then hope to bring in 10M (and are happy when it does 6 or 7) ... This makes sense, it is simple business. The trouble is that if you are targeting a small, informed, market ... You had better be as informed as your average audience member ... This means getting a lot (not even all) of medium details right. It means not treating your audience as if they are stupid or completely uninformed.

If I drank, I suppose 200MPH could be a good drinking game .... Nah, anything you picked would have you so plastered by halfway through that it would just be a sad experience.
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