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Old 08-12-2009, 06:23 PM
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Default How do I get involved in racing in Alberta?

A question I am asked weekly by prospective racers is "This looks awesome! How can I get involved in racing?" It's pretty simple to be honest but not always that easy to explain, this thread will try to address the above question.

First we need to start with who the various groups are - what they do, what the acronyms stand for, etc.

What's with all the acronyms?

The hierarchy of racing in Alberta is fairly simple but you will hear a lot of abbreviated club names and probably not know what any of those mean. Below is a list of those clubs and sanctioning bodies and how they related to each other - this list can be considered hierarchical with the most important folks being at the top.

  • Sanctioning bodies - the below groups provide the grunt to make motor racing happen. All the way from the top (FIA) to the local (WCMA) these guys write rules, provide insurance, review safety, etc. Actual racing is put on by member clubs reviewed after this section.
    • FIA - Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile - Most folks call it the FIA - this is the sanctioning body (group) for all major motor racing in the world. Formula 1, World Rally Championship, World Touring Car, etc... all "sanctioned" by the FIA. These folks provide rules, regulations, governance and all kinds of other bureaucratic stuff that makes racing possible to their member clubs. Each country typically has it's own governing body that is a member of the FIA.

      For more info see

    • ASN Canada FIA - National Sporting Authority Canada Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile - Most folks call it ASN - this is the group delegated authority by the FIA over motor racing in Canada. These folks provide governance for motorsports in Canada including rules, safety decisions, etc. They preside over a few smaller localized sanctioning bodies in Canada.

      For more info see

    • WCMA - Western Canada Motorsport Association - Most folks call it the WCMA. This group is the governing body for car racing in the prairie provinces (not BC). They write the competition regulations, pass down safety mandates from ASN / FIA, provide group insurance policies to affiliated clubs, and handle most of the real bureaucratic work. Clubs affiliated with the WCMA are thereby also affiliated with ASN Canada and through that affiliated with the FIA. These guys write the rules essentially.

      For more info see

  • Clubs - clubs are the groups that make racing happen in your area. There are a number of them throughout Canada but for the purpose of this thread we'll just focus on Alberta.
    • NASCC - Northern Alberta Sports Car Club - The NASCC has been around for 53 years providing road racing, ice racing, auto-x, solo and all kinds of other crazy things in the Edmonton and Northern Alberta area. They meet the first and third Wednesday of the month at their clubhouse on the west end of edmonton.

      See for more info.

    • ARCA - Alberta Race Car Association - ARCA has organized racing events at Race City Motorsport Park with the assistance of other clubs for years. They handle all door to door at RCMP. This year they ran a North/South cooperative points championship with the NASCC.

      See for more info.

    • ERC - Edmonton Rally Club - The ERC has been around for a few years formed by a former NASCC member looking to focus on rally in the edmonton area. They put on rally crosses, tsd rallys and competition rallys in the Edmonton / Alberta area.

      See for more info.

    • ASA - Alberta Solo Association - The ASA was formed in 1993 by a group of folks (former NASCC members included) that wanted to focus on promoting Solo I and Solo II in Alberta. They currently run a series of autocross events at the Griesbach parade square in Edmonton.

      See for more info.

    • Everyone else - There are a ton of other clubs in the Edmonton area that I am leaving out but we've covered the major ones. See the WCMA website for a complete list of affiliated members that offer events and other things.
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