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Default Canwest Body Repair Shop review

Places not recommended to visit for body works is CanWest Collision on 170st and 116ave

I had my car fixed for rust problems on the driver side rocker panel through warranty and the job done from Canwest is a 3/10 IMO.

Wait time to get parts was 1 month plus which is alright with me. Repair was 6 working days. Results was less than satisfactory.

Problems 1st time around:
-Broken bolt near the jacking point
- Paint has imperfections rear quarter panel (learnt it was dust particles settling on it)
- Missing clip for the side skirt.
- Speakers and lock controls were cutting in and out
- front quarter panel not lining up
- driver door takes more effort to close

After addrressing these concerns, Stuart (I assume a branch manager) gave shit to the person who broke the bolt close to the jacking point which i observed from a distance. He's helpful and seems like he genuinely wants to help. So 2nd time should be done right right? Wrong

2nd time problem:
- Paint imperfections is sanded out using a rotary tool but wast polished after so dull marks can be seen
- left side marker wasnt connected!

I didnt bothered to go back, I polish out the dull spots and fished out the side marker harness. I am guessing its a situation that the worker is a screw up although the boss wants things done right situation
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