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Default I live in a world of bad luck

How is this for more stupid bad luck. I ordered new spindles\hubs in October 2012 for a brake upgrade. When I got the package I opened it up and there was a shiny new spindle on top and what felt ( weight wise ) like the spindle for the other side in the bottom of the box, the box went on a shelf for installation at a later date. Fast forward several months later and I go to install the parts and the second spindle isn't a spindle, I don't even know what it is. Inside the box are two bags from Canada Post saying, sorry your box was damaged in transit. So some shmuck out there several months ago got my spindle and I got what ever the heck it was he bought. Since I wasn't notified ( and I'm in a debate with Canada Post now ) that the box was opened\damaged I didn't check. If the spindle was missing I would have felt that the box was empty after removing the first spindle but since there was weight to the box I just assumed, well you know.

Moral of the story, is that you only have so long to check things out, dispute credit card transactions, etc. I have had to contact visa on two other purchases lately where the vendor did not deliver after months and those calls were made just under the wire with visa and they credited me my money for one and the vendor got motivated to deliver on the other.

Lets play name that mystery part, picture attached. Hint, I don't think its from a car.
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looks like a primary clutch from an older skidoo
like really old
also that really sucks
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